Cladding & Facades

Blind Fixings For Cladding & Facades

A ‘façade’ or ‘cladding’ isn’t simply the exterior appearance of a building. It refers to a specific component which is used when constructing a building in order to create an external covering which is attached to – but separate from – the structure of the building.

Using cladding in this way makes it possible to transform the appearance of a building in a quick and simple manner, and to do so at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods.

These traditional methods might include actually constructing a brick or stone exterior, or applying a render to the existing surface.

Cladding or a façade is attached to the structure of the building and doesn’t play a part in maintaining stability. It does, however, have to maintain integrity while dealing with other factors such as impact load, snow load and wind load.

The last of these, wind load, can exert a great deal of pressure, and the cladding has to be sufficiently robust to cope with that pressure. No matter how strong the cladding itself is, however, it will only work successfully if it is attached using a system as effective as Blind Bolts.

Blind Bolts for Cladding & Facades

The fact that hollow bolts can be fitted without having to drill oversized holes or use specialist equipment means that attaching cladding is simpler and less time consuming than ever, a factor which also reduces the overall costs of any project. The stability and security required when fitting cladding or a façade is more than provided by the engineering quality of our heavy duty bolts. Once fitted, the cladding will be as stable as the structure it’s been added to. 

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