Hollow Section

Hollow Section Bolts

for Hollow Sections

Hollow sections are the building unit of choice throughout the construction industry and there are several very good reasons for this; the fact that hollow sections are lightweight cuts costs and building times, whilst many designers and architects also favour them for aesthetic reasons.

Whether constructed as squares, rectangles or circles, hollow sections boast a uniform geometry and construction, offering equal strength across all axes, and excellent torsional stiffness.

All of these features combine to make them ideal for supporting things like infill panels and cladding in a way which can cope with shifting, uneven loads or twisting forces.

An additional advantage of using hollow sections is that the enclosed interior makes it impossible for debris to gather and build up, as can happen with more open constructions, particularly if leaves and loose items of litter are present in the environment.

The main drawback of hollow sections used to be the fact that the lack of access to the interior face made it difficult, if not impossible, to use traditional bolts to join them.

The option often preferred was welding, but this can be impractical on many construction sites, and doesn’t offer the consistency needed.

Hollow Section Bolts

Using Blind Bolts, however, makes it possible to join hollow sections in a manner which is consistent and convenient. Hollow section bolts don’t require any specialised equipment to put them in place, or the need to drill a larger hole than usual. It’s this kind of practical simplicity which makes them the ideal choice for fixing hollow sections in parts of a project which would otherwise be difficult to access.

Hollow sections are the best option for a wide range of projects, and blind fixings such as thin wall bolts or heavy duty bolts make it simple to take that option. They’ll help to save time and money at the same time as creating joints that are well and truly built to last.

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