Blind Bolts


Marina Fixing Applications

The convenience and simplicity of the Blind Bolt is never more obvious than when it’s being used in a difficult environment.When you’re working on a construction during bad weather or having to access parts of a structure which are difficult to reach, the fact that blind fixings work so quickly and easily can make all the difference. Another example of a difficult environment which is perfectly suited to using Blind Bolts is a marina.

The presence of corrosive salt water within a marina, as well as the less predictable nature of coastal weather, can get in the way of even the simplest construction or repair work. The issue of corrosion isn’t a problem for Blind Bolt fasteners; whether thin wall bolts or heavy duty bolts they are all made out of 316 grade (A4) rust resistant stainless steel.

Marina Fixing Applications

The wider unpredictability of a marina environment is less of an issue thanks to the speed and ease with which blind fasteners can be utilised. Even a relatively brief window of good weather will be sufficient to use Blind Bolts to perform tasks such as repairing a retaining wall or constructing a section of a pontoon.

The fact that blind fixings don’t need any special equipment makes them quick and easy to use, and also opens up the possibility of using them in areas of the marina which are harder to access. The quality of all our bolts also means that once they’re in place they’ll be more than a match for the punishment the sea might throw at them.

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