Masonry Support Systems

Blind fixings

for masonry support systems

Steel or concrete framed structures are often the quickest and most convenient option, but designers may sometimes want to finish them off with an outer shell made of brick, concrete blocks or stone cladding.

Masonry support systems make it possible to attach an outer shell of this kind, combining style and efficiency to produce a building with a masonry finish in a quick and cost effective manner.

The simplest description of a masonry support system is that if is a horizontal ledge capable of supporting the load of masonry wall panels located above it.

Another name for this kind of system is a Brickwork Support System, and it means that a project can be delivered in time and on budget, whilst still enjoying the durability, visual style and low maintenance demands of a stone or brick exterior.

Blind Bolt Masonry Support

The bulk of masonry support systems are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, and they are available in 4 main designs:

  • Continues angle
  • Welded steel bracket angle
  • Individual bracket angle support
  • Off the shelf systems

All of these designs offer security, longevity and stability, but only if the right method is used to fix them to the structure of the building. Blind Bolts are the best possible method, maximising the efficiency and convenience of every masonry support system. The versatility of blind bolt fasteners makes it possible to attach the system being used to any part of a building, no matter how limited the access is. The innovative design and engineering of our blind fixings means that you don’t need to drill larger holes or use specialist equipment when attaching them, and this also speeds up the process and lowers costs. Once you take into account the security and stability of the bolts, it’s clear that they are the best possible choice.

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