Blind Bolts can be used in a wide range of fixing applications

Being ideally suited for safe, quick and easy installation, they save both time and expenditure. Some of these applications are listed below.

With our increasing product range and the facility to tailor a custom design to your needs, The Blind Bolt Company can find the right fixing for you.

Below you can find just a handful of examples where the Blind Bolt has been used to great effect.

If you have any questions regarding your application please contact us using the details at the bottom of your screen or fill out our contact form and a member of our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.


M16 x 90mm Blind Bolts were used by Mastclimbers Ltd on the Equinox Project in the City of Glasgow.

The anchor system was used to tie mastclimber work platforms into tubular steel, saving any welding having to be carried out onsite.

Blind Bolts therefore were faster and easier to install, saving time and money.


Blind Bolts have achieved certified acceptance as a high-performance fixing solution for installing AWS units onto steel sleepers.

The advantages of the Blind Bolt were identified by Signal and Track engineers when designing the AWS system and installation. The only way of securing the unit to the steel sleepers in between the rails without welding was to use M20 Blind Bolts. This procedure was approved by Network Rail and the Blind Bolt is now used extensively throughout the UK on all AWS systems.


Blind Bolts have been used for scaffolding where access.

Thanks to the unique properties of Blind Bolts, they have been used to secure scaffolding to new build projects primarily during the construction of the steel skeleton found in many industrial and commercial units.

The quickie release anchor system means that the bolts can be installed and removed efficiently without damage to the holding material.


The Tay Bridge was originally built in 1979 by Sir Thomas Bouch.

Contractors have only five hours during the night to carry out their work. M16, M20 and M24 Blind Bolts are used to replace many of the existing fixings. Contractors have to work in areas of restricted access, which prevents the use of special tools.

Blind Bolts are also used on the under side of the bridge, obviating the need for scaffolding.


Blind Bolts are ideal for many marine fixing applications.

The Blind bolt has been used in a wide range of marine fixing applications from harbours to mooring points.

The unique one sided fixing method allows fixing to steel grids, posts and even wooden decks with suitable strength & support.

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